Thanks For The Good Time

As the CEO of PlumTwenty, its been such a wonderful ride learning how to bring the message of entrepreneurship to girls of color everywhere. This year, we hit a few goals on our list such as first time selling internationally, seeing the launch of our books on Barnes and Nobles as well as delivering more orders than any year since we launched.

I’ve personally learned a lot about how to launch a book series, build a brand and develop animation. But sometimes you have to review where you are and how close you are to your goals. If the distance is too far, it’s time to re imagine a new vision.

For the foreseeable future, PlumTwenty will be shutting down to pause, reflect and venture into new spaces.

I personally appreciate your support, encouragement and curiosity that inspired so many products and ideas. We are indebted to you for the incredible journey.

Truly Thankful,