10 Things You Want to Gift Your Female Founder This Holiday Season

  1. Gift Certificate to Online business Card vendor like Moo.com, this female founder will impress all of her new clients and network with a cool biz card that has her looking like a BAWSE!
  2. Books on entrepreneurship, small business and kickass lovefest for women – checkout our recommended reading board on Plum2.0 pinterest and you will be sure to grab a good read
  3. Baddie Tshirts that showcase how awesome that they are and will be as the go on to pursue their goals - you can grab a tee from our own shop!
  4. Spa gift certificate – the last thing female founders do is take care of themselves so how about sending them to the spa for a day and get some self care going
  5. Dinner for her to celebrate with her tribe – call ahead, make the reservation and let her sip the night away and have camaraderie. We all need time with our tribe - but for this night let the evening be on your tab!
  6. 3 month gym membership – well this one is tough, we don’t want to say you need to lose weight but we do want to give you an opportunity to release some of that “why won’t these customers fall in love with my well developed products that I spent all night perfecting”. Hey we all need to let off steam in a while, why not burn some calories and sweat it out for a few weeks. They will thank you come swimsuit season. 
  7. Flight tickets – gifting a trip for a new unknown location to any female founder is a clear #winning moment. Take some time to research the favorite places they have yet to go and book them some travel time!
  8. Gifting a donation in their name – social entrepreneurs and even those of us who are capitalists every now and then want to make sure we leave this world a better place than go for the gift that will keep on giving. Make a donation in their name to a great charity that is meaningful to them. 
  9. Coaching sessions – Several female founders launched their companies but they often times forget to keep pushing their professional development. Gift them a few months of professional coaching to keep them on their goals. 
  10. Gamer Alert! Oculus Quest for the gamer girl that needs some VR fun to break the day up and create a much needed pause in a day of that has a heavy load of 'founder duties.'

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