5 Steps to Get Over Founder F.O.M.O

Let’s talk about F.O.M.O.! “The Fear Of Missing Out”, even the most self - confident and settled individuals will have this feeling atleast one time in their life. Unless you are one of those “fascinating” individuals that moves through the world believing “the world revolves around me” at which that’s a whole additional set of challenges.  F.O.M.O. is synonymous with “Why Not Me?” It begs the question, can I be included? And as we grow our networks, our social spheres and our layers of interest compounded by the internet’s reach, we no doubt will stumble upon times in which we will not, dare I say CAN NOT attend everything we have our heart set on. And for those of you that want to be on the very pulse of “in the know” I have a unmatched strategy of how you can remain part of the crowd and for our female founders more importantly, part of the innovation. Because that’s what really matters, right?!

Challenge: I missed a conference, that I should have been at.
Strategy: Build a partnership within your network.
Approach: If you know that you are going to miss a VIP conference due to last minute schedule change, finding out about it late or just plain broke because you are working your startup gig, start reaching out to your network to find out who is going. Make a deal to exchange information with them – and you’ll repay the favor the next time they aren’t able to go to a conference. Ask to get any material copies from them and if they wouldn’t mind sharing their key takeaways. Luckily for most conferences there is atleast a post archived video of keynotes and sessions – make sure you put the post show on your calendar and attend, in your pjs with ice cream and your girl gang.

Challenge: I didn’t get an invite into an exclusive accelerator
Strategy: Be bold, ask and you shall receive…and ask again, and again and again.
Approach: So you didn’t get an invite into an accelerator, incubator or super secret group that gets all the access to special programming or resources. If you have even learned about it, you are winning, post-knowledge is a huge step to getting a lead into future event opportunities. Reachout to the host and find out how you can improve your standing to attend the next one. Ask if the resources shared are exclusive or if there is a version that you can get access to. The important part here is to get on the radar of the host so you get invited the next time. There is no shame in building your skillset or network to create the access that you need to get to the next level. Also, don’t take everything and dare I say, anything personal. As an entrepreneur – your goal is to build your dream and that means getting their by any means possible…well within reason of legal, supportive and kind (as we like to be at Plum2.0).

Challenge: I couldn’t attend a VIP brunch that builds specialty leadership skills
Strategy: Recreate an opportunity for yourself to learn and others to join you.
Approach: Sometimes you can recreate an event and make it even better. If you know anyone that attended the brunch, reachout to them and ask them to “co host” a followup brunch or coffee ‘n chat event for a few of your tribe that weren’t able to make it. Usually there is always a “sharer” in the group, someone that amplifies and relays the information learned as a means to educate the masses and build community. That is the person you want to target and make part of your circle. How many people would turn you down from a free brunch… few!

Challenge: I don’t live close to the hub of my industry so I miss out on key events.
Strategy: Don’t be afraid to be the first to build community.
Approach: This challenge is probably the hardest to recreate because admittedly, if you don’t live near a hub of industry, you also lack the infrastructure, resources, mentorship and access of funding that hubs usually offer. However, similar to the brunch, recreating community is key here. You can build a mini hub by inviting like minded mentors, professors, local pioneers of the industry you are interested and build community from their support. Kickoff with Saturday morning meetups and design conversations around how to build resources, support and awareness for your industry. Reach out to local businesses to see if they will sponsor the donuts or mimosas. You can attract attendees by spotlighting a local celebrity or raffle from a local business donation. When creating a community that builds a good hub – an inclusive approach is the best way to ensure you welcome all curious minds that will build with you. Before you know it, you’ll be the one leading a revolution.

In recap, there is never a closed door that you can’t create an opening in or find a new entry altogether. With the quick strategies we shared, you will definitely begin to combat your F.O.M.O challenges and build a confident stake in your industry that’s always present. Remember to:

  • Build a partnership within your network
  • If you want it, you have to ask for it …and ask again, and again and again
  • Get bold, recreate an opportunity for yourself to learn and others to join you
  • Don’t be afraid to be the first to build community and kickoff the networking

Most female founders have or will have mastered the strategies we mentioned because it takes these strategies to build a business and community which you are probably all too familiar with. But it’s helpful for those of us stepping out into new ground and everyone needs a good reminder.

Stay female fueled!

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