7 Proven Ways To Drive Traffic to Your Website

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We thought we would take a few minutes to discuss website traffic and the various ways you can see proven results from implementing 10 strategies. As a founder of a startup or small business owner - you have already learned that it's never about the idea, it's all about the execution and how you get things done! We know you are busy so we are going to make this quick! Plus this leaves time for more journaling and meditation but that is for another blog on a different day! 

Let’s Get Social!
There may be no better and more authentic tool than the one right at your fingertips. We are talking about your most important computer - your phone. Social media apps as Instagram, Snapchat, Tik Tok and Facebook are the #1 way to find your audience in the most authentic and engaged way. 72% of the public uses some type of social media app. But not all social apps are created equal to your audience. Learn where your audience engages the most, for example, Gen Z engages wildly higher on Tik Tok and Instagram than Snapchat. But a great place we think everyone should start, The Book, Facebook that is. There is still no other platform that is more widely used as our sources have shown. And it's hard to beat.

Once you’ve started to develop your relationship, get comfortable with your audience, answer their questions, reach out to learn their interest and jump into that comment section. A more engaged community and audience, is a more active customer as well. 

Google Works!
Google Analytics has come far since its launch not to mention its savvy learning system, Google Analytics Academy launched in 2018. Our research shows that spending time on growing your understanding of how to use Google Analytics can lower your overall time spent in branding, and marketing your product. Google Analytics is a robust system so we encourage you to look at it in a 1 - 2 Punch Strategy. Trial and Error - Google analytics is about knowing what works and when to try a new campaign. The more campaigns you try out, the more data you learn about what is the most effective outcome. We suggest launching a new campaign in google every three days, use one day to review those results and implement what worked the most. This is what we call 3day iteration. Don’t get overwhelmed with all of the fancy terms, take it one day over time.

Own Your Channels
This strategy is more of what not to do than what you should. Don’t hand your marketing strategy channels to specialists until you have found a steady stream of revenue and you have learned it all yourself. It's easy nowadays to hire an expert from Fiverr or Upwork that boasts getting you millions of followers or traffic to your website, but it removes you from staying close to your customer. Understanding the behaviors of your audience, the passion they have for your brand and their buying decisions is what will make your company in the first few years. Every small business owner or startup founder has this opportunity to get right in the beginning so don’t miss that opportunity. In addition, don’t forget that anyone you hire should have proven results. Ask for them! Hiring a specialist is also a costly mistake if they are self proclaimed and unproven and inexperienced.

Stay Mobile Friendly
It’s projected that mobile search spend will grow 66% in the next year. This means we search using our phones to do purchase research more than any other place. This is exciting and convenient! However, this means your website and social media channels should be mobile friendly as much as possible. Remember that your links should be displayed to create action after you advertise. Loading times on your mobile is important to 

Upgrade Your Website
Your website is your baby, your source for small business growth, startup idea discovery and overall main true source to get your product into the hands of millions. So take care and upgrade its efficiency. Think of this in five main ways Speed, Load Time and Page Size. These three pieces can mean the difference between someone waiting for your website and moving on to your competitor. The average load time is 2 - 5 secs, but 40% of customers polled in a recent survey shared that they would only wait 3 secs for a website to load. So if your website loads anything more than that - guess who isn’t getting their product sold. Here are two of our favorite tools to check your website efficiency and Uptrends and Sematext. They both have free trials and are great to use and learn more about your website without paying a dime - just put in the time. 

Blog Posts Still Work
Blog Posts are still one of the most effective tools to drive awareness about new product launches, special thought leader spotlights and get intimate with your community in long form. The tricky part is getting your audience to open the email and click to go directly to your website. Here’s what we found for best practice tips to increase email open rates. Let us remind you of two great tools MailChimp and CampaignMonitor. We think you’ll enjoy the simplicity of both and the free trials as well.

Four big benchmarks as CampaignMonitor tells us of 2020 have been:

  • Average open rate: 18.0%
  • Average click-through rate: 2.6%
  • Average click-to-open rate: 14.1%
  • Average unsubscribe rate: 0.1%

Keep your emails short and sweet so that you don’t lose audiences in long over written articles. Make sure your subject title is in the sweet spot, which is about 17 characters and displayed easily. Make sure all the links work and connect to the exact product and not the overall website so no one gets lost trying to find what you advertised. As a small business, focus on 2 - 3 pictures that are most important to share. Sharing a high fidelity catalog isn’t necessary until you have regular revenue in the thousands.

Skip Influencers….for Now
First let me say - if you are an Influencer, well, congrats - you can lead your audience to the promised land of products. For those of us, not quite there, well this is for them. We know it's tempting to get connections with a hot and fabulous influencer that everyone is following and for good reason - they know their audience and their voice has resonated in a way to push trends. Some influencers truly have their pulse on what's next and new. However, they are expensive, it's more cost effective for you to focus on our list items 1 - 6 instead of focusing on building relationships with an influencer or paying money that you can spend on your business. Influencers are costly in the thousands and there is no promise that their voice will move your audience. We like to encourage and remind you that YOU are capable of influencing your audience - if you have the idea and the passion, then it's only about the execution!

As we wrap, we’ll list the tools below for a quick reference but most importantly, remember that staying close to your audience is key. Although building a company can feel overwhelming and at times it will be. You don’t have to do all of the strategies but focus on three and become dedicated to them and soon enough you will begin becoming an expert over the small traffic tactics - a little goes a long way. Start small but start!

Tool Tactic References

Google Analytics Academy
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