Artist Feature: Nicky Rodriguez - Graphic Designer of the Girl's Entrepreneur Guidebook

We searched high and low to find someone that would bring our vision to life. But once we saw her website, we knew she was the talent we had to have. And we love the final product! Meet our book illustrator, Nicky Rodriguez. Nicky received her Masters and Bachelors from California College of the Arts - impressive, right?!
Out of her busy schedule she shared some thoughts with us on her process, journey and what she thinks about Plum2.0 in an interview. Learn more about Nicky below...
Plum2.0 Team: What would you tell a young artist to focus on if they had an interest in art?
Nicky: If someone were interested in art, I would tell them to focus on their voice. Everyone has a story they want to tell and it's important to figure out what that is and why it's important for you but also for others to hear and see; through that exploration, you'll be able to encounter the methods and tools to make it a reality.
Plum2.0 Team: What do you love about creating artwork for diverse rising girls in entrepreneurship?
Nicky: I make art that represents important parts of me that I don't see reflected often, if at all, in media and as such I am also helping to reflect different ideas shared by others. I love being able to create art that starts larger conversations about identity, history, and culture.
Plum2.0 Team: What do you think is impactful and special about Plum2.0?
Nicky: Plum2.0 focuses on inspiring girls to follow their goals and realize their dreams through diverse representation.
Plum2.0 Team: What makes you an amazing artist that’s unique?
Nicky: My art also serves as a means of activism, promoting the political state and history of Puerto Rico and its struggle for independence, regardless of it being non-fiction, fiction, short-form, or long-form comic narrative. I find that to be very important and something that I continue to weave into my stories. 

She's brilliant isn't she! 
Be sure to follow her on Instagram: @artofnickyrodriguez and Twitter: @tiff_a_nicky

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