Artist Feature: Sara Austin - Graphic Illustrator of Plum2.0 Empower Cards

 At Plum2.0 we have the honor of working with some pretty amazing creators. And thanks to Instagram, they are literally at our fingertips. So when we came across @Sara.aust Insta page we got VERY excited, there was no denying her talent and her focus - empowering the female spirit. So we had to work with her. Read below to find a little more about her. 

                          Pay attention - she has some nuggets in there.

What would you tell a young artist to focus on if they had an interest in art?
Focus on paying attention to the world around you! Take in everything you see and hear and bring it into your work.  Also, find some women a little ahead of you in your art career to look up to.

What do you love about creating artwork for diverse rising girls in entrepreneurship?
I love creating things that have meaning to someone.  I think it's so important for young girls to see diverse women in leadership positions, or just forging their own path.

What do you think is impactful/special about Plum2.0?
I love seeing a group dedicated to lifting up young diverse women.  I think seeing that giving guidance to the next generation of female leaders is incredible!

What makes you an amazing artist that’s unique?
I work extremely hard at bettering my craft. 
Short, sweet and to the point - isn't she fabulous. But the Plum2.0 team is gonna add a few more characteristics that make her unique - 1. easy to work with 2. visionary 3. authentic creator!!!!!!

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