Best selling Girl CEO Book Now Online

A Girls Guide to Entrepreneurship is a resource that we are proud of at PlumTwenty and we want to make sure more girls that want to launch are able to access it.

Announcing today, you can shop our books at major online retail stores!

It's been our mission to be the first resource girls go to when they want to build a movement or a company. It can start small and stay boutique or become a might powerhouse. Whatever you are dreaming, we want to be a part of your first steps. 

To commemorate this announcement we are doing a special sale all week of $15.99 for a guidebook and journal. 

Girls are growing businesses and at the lead are black and latina girls - thats not a coincidence nor should it be surprising. Girls of color are building companies and bringing solutions to the world's biggest ideas. 

If you want to learn more about how you can encourage a female founder, send us an email or Nominate a female founder we need to feature here.

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