#BHM Part 2 - More Black Girl Magic!!!

Last Day of Black History Month is here and we wanted to celebrate 5 more in the final moments because we can't get enough. Here are five more #blackgirlmagic models you should know and follow... 

Massy Arias, a new generation of personal trainers that has become a breakout star, spokesperson and personal inspiration to the team at Plum2.0 to stay fit and embrace mental health and authentic selves. Why we love her – her representation of true afro Latina, family and personal health goes far beyond the superficial and into building a model for great self care.

MieshaDennis, is quickly becoming an influencer by building a brand around women of color enjoying he outdoors. Why we love her – her passion has turned into a mission of changing the narrative of black and brown women in nature. Go follow her!

Keisha Howard, Founder of Sugar Gamers – has created a safeplace for videogamers of diverse background can enjoy, learn and share their passions with other creative gamers. Why we love her – she has been a true inspiration that encourages all of us to embrace our inner geek and celebrate our unique quirkiness. 

Kim Scott, Visionary photographer that created a Facebook group to unite black female photographers together to bond, influence and share in their industry together. Why we love her – anytime you unite amazing women around a mission to highlight more amazing women, well, we are all for it. Check out their group also (BlackFemale Photographers.

Amina Mucciolo, Founder of StudioMucci, a boutique store dedicated to all things rainbow. She managed to launched her obsession of rainbows with a high following to boast. Why we love her – who doesn’t love a rainbow and anyone that can turn a dollar doing it J.

There are so many iconic #blackgirlmagic in our world, we have icons, new generation, and completely out of the box baddies.

Let’s keep encouraging each other to show up and show out! Happy Black History Month.

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