Call All Designers and Bloggers ....Plum2.0 is growing!

Calling all Graphic designers to apply for our lead graphic designer role! 

Plum2.0 is a growing brand built on driving the next generation of female founders with  passion, encouragement, inspiration, humor, and originality through our own lens as women of color and beyond. 

We are building a place where a #FF can come to a place where you can grab inspiration and community that empowers female entrepreneurs that want to build a great idea into a bigger impact. We want to build a community that fuels a women's ambition to create the next tech product, a social aware foundation, a company or a movement.

We are looking for a lead designer to work with our team on upcoming projects. Email all interest to!

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  • zkwzxfsnwl on

    Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

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