Extra Extra, Be All About It

EXTRA EXTRA, Be All About It. 
So we have all heard the term Extra and what it means to be EXTRA, for those of you still catching up, the Urban Dictionary defines it as, over the top, but I'd like to think the original version was more EXTRA in its definition. See what we did there? 

There may be some times in your life where you will enjoy the chill, relaxation and peaceful coasting in life. But when you launch a new business, thats not usually the case. As an entrepreneur, your product is gonna require you to go another level of being EXTRA to really be good at what you are producing and selling. Here's why...

Your Passion is EXTRA
Being EXTRA is all about understanding your passion and how it comes through for your clients, customers, family, tribe that you are creating your business around. A customer will pay EXTRA for your EXTRA attention to detail. Making an intimate connection is always in the details and you will be able to charge more for your product because of this detail. Zandra Beauty is an amazing example about being extra about passion at just 9 years old. Now ten years later, this is a family brand dominating social and becoming one of the leading black owned brands with a facility to boast! Now that is passion. 

Your Authentic Self is EXTRA
Being EXTRA is all about bringing your authentic self, which for the current Gen Z, seems to be as easy as walking and breathing simultaneously. Authenticity allows your clients to feel they can trust you. Believe what your message is and believe that even though you aren't perfect, they will still ride with you when you have a mistake, challenge or possible downfall. As a small business, who you are is a grat differentiator, it sets you uniquely apart. And when you are unique you are memorable. And that can translate into more memorable dollars. So don't be afraid to state and share who you are. Being authentic will bring you EXTRA profits! See what we did there?! 

Authenticity is what we see when we look at Kaleidoscope hair, a brand that was launched by Jessica Dupart after having graduated from cosmetology school. She had been doing hair since she was a teenager. This is where she perfected her talents. Kaleidoscope is one of the most eye popping products in hair care today. This brand stands out intentionally and unapologetically. Jessica is an out gay woman of color and she shares who she is within your brand and it's legit - we tried it! 

Your Obsession is EXTRA
Being EXTRA is about obsessing over understanding your target audience the best. Entrepreneurship is about taking risk and allowing yourself to make mistakes in addition to giving you the balance to let those mistakes go. If you are obsesses, you will lean more towards risking to learn and grow your talents. This is a good thing. Obsession leads to practicing and participating in the things that feed your curiosity.

Being obsessed over understanding your client's needs and solving their biggest pain points above anyone else in your market will keep you in front of the pack leading. In doesn't matter if you are an introvert/extroverts, right brain/left brain or  small business/big business - the one that showcases the hunger the most will outperform over the rest. 

Obsession is what we see when we look at...YOU! That inquisitive budding entrepreneur that is looking for their next goal, trying to learn all the information and training to build your brand and using every social network to get your business seen. We see you and we love the stories that you are sending us. 

We like EXTRA, no wait, we LOVE EXTRA. And I don't mean all of us at the Plum2.0 team, I mean everyone one of us enjoys a product that has gone over the top, being passionate, representing in an authentic way and obsessing over our needs. Its why we stay loyal to a product and tell all of our family friends and Tik Tok followers about it. So the next time you think you should be EXTRA - do it. The next time that you see someone being EXTRA - appreciate it. And the next time you find yourself being EXTRA - Live It and Give Us All Life!  

Stay Femalefueled
Plum2.0 Team 

Note: None of the above are ads. After all our EXTRA can not be bought! 

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