Female Founder Journaling 101

Let's talk Journaling..
Have you ever seen a notebook of someone you admire?

Or perhaps at school or work you peeked onto the desk of  the highest performing student/team member. Did you notice how notes were taken? I’ve seen several different head of companies, founders, creators and enthusiasts take notes and usually it looks like a well designed jungle. Its not clean, its not organized and it often reflects of how the script of an actor who has made several corrections and notes in the margin while reading their lines. Sure some individuals are able to have a clear path of a note taking system, but they are rare in my findings as someone who has worked with these individuals from professional dancers to the top tech CEOs.
A Foundersjournal is a huge benefit for any first, second or third venture seeker because it allows you to capture your ideas, make those ideas into action and build follow steps and track results. Not too mention, you often are unclear of which solution or idea will work so this particular journal will help you follow the chaos of trial and error thats required for you to be the most innovative. 

So if you are like me and unclear as I was when I first started my FoundersJournal, check out the guide below:

Now this isn’t a post about the BulletJournal, if you care to learn more check it out since Lifehacker has an awesome video. I love it. But the Foundersjournal, is Plum2.0 tool for anyone literally starting out creating their first business and may not have a clue how to get your next goal accomplished. The BulletJournal is for entrepreneurs closer to venture 3 and above in my opinion. Founderjournals he highest performing individuals usually have clear thought but they break the rules on how . Their notebooks usually look like a tornado took place andNote taking has always been the most simplistic difficult organizational skill that I will own up to. I am bad at it, or rather I was bad at it until I started to change some key habits and put a system in place.
More Than Logging
Starting with tracking your actions by a daily account is a great start but capturing your thoughts is more than just jotting them down by date. Your ideas will be built on top of the thoughts you write down and grow as big ideas do. Some will be thoughts you abandon and leave on the page. And others will evolve into a new idea that might need the next few pages dedicated to it. You want to capture all these ideas even if they come in random order. You’ll begin to organize them as you move into the action phase.
Section Your Journal
There should be three sections in your journal to start out. Idea 1, Idea 2, and Idea 3. Again this is your first book and each section should be about 50pages each. I have worked with several small startups tech and non tech and they have usually always had more than one idea but they often kept it in the same section to explore new opportunities, pivots or natural evolution changes in startups. Dividing your journal into three parts allows you the flexibility to either explore more than one idea, explore an even better idea, or build upon the original. 50 pages is about all you need to figure if you have enough to move forward.
Consistency is Key
Keeping an active journal is challenging but consistency is key. Writing down ideas and followup actions needs to be done 3 - 4 times per week. Its okay if you don’t have time doing this everyday because you may be in school, have a job or your personal life may have other obligations. The most important thing is to be consistent so that your idea maintains momentum.
Revisiting Your Notes
One of the most important actions in journalling is revisiting your notes. Reviewing what you thought was a great idea the day before and looking deeper at how to build it into your plan may need a second and third look. You may be so enthusiastic about your idea in the beginning that you forgot to capture an action item or necessary research that you discovered. I make it a point to return to my notes once a week to crossout any plans I no longer want to move forward with. Striking through once is best so that you can record and refer back to each step.
This might be an obvious - especially coming from Plum2.0 Tribe - but always include something positive in your first few journals. If you are lucky everyone around you will cheer you on, but this has not been my experience. Right a note to yourself that keeps you going. Add in a favorite motivational quote at the end of your first section. Or simply, add the reason why you are building this idea in the first place since most likely it is a solution to a problem you want to fix. But not matter what, keep yourself moving by staying motivated ... in your own words!

Stay #femalefueled!

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