7 Reasons Why You Should Boss Up At Home...


Have you thought about launching that company, idea or trying out a new passion? And some part of you thought, I'll wait until I am older, richer and done with school.  I have heard every kind of reason to start a business. Some may think you may be too young to start a business in college, high school or even middle school but when you think about it, it's the best time to start trying out new projects and playing with ways to build them. 

Let's Name 7 Reasons Why You Can Boss Up at Home...

Your Family Is Everything Especially Your First Supporters

Support is key in launching your idea. Most entrepreneurs will thank their family first because they are the ones that make all the sacrifice. You may be the one with the idea, taking the orders or picking the designs but perhaps you don't have your driver’s license yet, can't get a credit card or not sure how to properly bank. Well your family and friends are usually the ones to step in and help. So, one of the best ways to kick off within a safe environment and team is with family. 

They have the Tubmans aka Benjamins (for Now)

The best way you can practice fundraising is asking your family. They are close proximity; they see your work ethic and dedication and most important they know you, so you have built in trust. Fundraising from strangers aka most possible investors, you have a level of convincing by proving a track record and that you have the ability to execute. With family they know you and they feel more comfortable taking a risk.

But not all families have high finances, so to those girls, you have some other resources that we must talk about. Bartering is a way of offering a skill in exchange for another skill. For example, if you were going to spend 25% of your fundraising budget on marketing, find a family member that has this experience and convince them to donate their services. .

Office Space - Look No Further, Your Home (Literally)

This one is pretty obvious, it worked for Carol's Daughter founder, Lisa Price. It worked for Lulu Cordero, founder of Bomba Curls oh and you probably heard about a guy named Bob Johnson or Steve Jobs. Yes, it worked for all of them. They started at home first. Its smart because spending money on office space can be very expensive and low cost is the name of the game. Not to mention time spent on the road getting to and from the office.

Not everyone has an empty space and perhaps you have a large family and already on top of each other. Well, you will have to seek out even more creativity at home. Try to find a space outside, all you need is a small table and some heat. Find a library and there are even co spaces for new founders that need assistance available. Of course, that will be post the nations pandemic of COVID.

Don't feel the need to get fancy furniture, simple and minimal is the best start. Get creative and ask a family member to help you decorate. Did you know office space is a top 7 expense for founders? Exactly - skip this one and send us a note to thank us later

Dinner Table is Now Your Demo Group

Getting feedback can be tough. You launch an idea and it is just not selling. But you know you are close to figuring it out. Well, take it to the dinner table. Share your product with your family and let them know what your goals are. Ask them how they think about your product and is it meeting you goal. Not everyone is perfect or a marketer but it’s a great first start to understand a different perspective and see it through their eyes. Family can get it wrong, but they can share a lot of interesting points you might not have thought of - and you don't have to pay them #winkwink!

Failure is Better at Home

Family is your first defense of a heartbreak. They know what beans and rice dish you want, they know what cake flavor you need and the understand you need to play Lizzo while you figure out your next step and sulk. Family understands you better than anyone else and therefore it’s a safe space for you to fail and learn how to draw on your love and support to get back in the game. 

Make sure you are careful not to sulk too long, sometimes family can make it so comfortable that you don't move past your hiccup or obstacle. Now you can focus on being that next software founder, beauty brand guru or rocket scientist owner! 

"She Ready" Zoom Calls with Mom's Cooking

There is nothing better than taking a shower, getting dressed and jumping back in the bed to take a business call. And just when you get hungry, your wonderful family chef enters stage left. Can you think of a better setup? We can't. Your catering services are at your fingertips. This saves money, calories and time. Take advantage. Plus, you will get great connection from either our internet at home, our phone or dare we say, borrowing the neighbors...okay moving on. Oh, and check out our Zoom Empowerment Background Designs

Lastly, You Now Have PlumTwenty, Which Means You Found Your Village! 

This is your dedicated remote mentor, community and village to check in and get direction if you get stuck!

We have guidebooks to keep you moving in the direction and focused. Journals are a huge part of our ecosystem because we know how important it is to capture your own thoughts. So much so you have one in the back of your guidebook and we can send you one if you hit us up. 

We also have a team of committed female founders ready to answer your questions you may have from the book. 

So now that we have given you several reasons, you have no excuse. Keep going towards the idea, keep building and appreciate your journey!

Stay Female fueled!


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