FIVE Ways Female Founders Can Find A New Mentor

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Building a tribe is essential to creating the dreams and going after it. Often times we think we need to go after our goals alone but building your dreams with support will help you travel there twice as fast. If you are really lucky you might have stumbled upon this person early on and they have been already a major addition to your team. But for the rest of us, we can find this source of encouragement and support to you through a family member, a friend, teammate or person within your community. And if you are lucky, congrats but for the rest of us still hoping to find someone to influence your journey, here are 5 ways to find them. 

1. Request a referral: Let your tribe know you are looking for a mentor. Chances are you will find the mentor within your own network. If you have someone with a reference this allows you to know ahead what kind of experience you will have. Since you have more than one connection that knows the mentor, it allows more accountability from your mentor and keeps you on your toes as a mentee. 

2. Keep It In The Family: Find a family member that has experience where you want to learn is the best support you will come across. It worked for Diana Ross and Traci Ellis Ross and Ralph Lauren and Dylan Lauren, to gain insight from their parents success and leverage it to their own dreams. After all you will most likely already have trust and honesty built into the relationship which will make your mentor/mentee experience even more enjoyable. 

3. Professor or Teacher: Schools are filled with tons of knowledge from the principal to the guidance counselors and of course teachers. Some of my earliest mentors were teachers that had given me extra exercises opportunities to grow. The best thing about a teacher is that they have access to information, experience and are easily accessible in your community. 

4. Find a Local Expert: If you are interested in designing flowers, start at hour local florist. It doesn't have to be Krista Banta, best florist in LA, although go get her if you can! In the beginning you are looking for someone that has three main qualities experience, network and time. They should be knowledgeable about their work, have a good community of experts they are okay introducing you to and time for you to meet atleast once a month. As you grow your knowledge, you will discover more mentors that will take you to the next level. 

5. Use a Resource: Often you will here that the toughest part about finding a mentor is finding someone that you already know or have trust in. Its why using a website might be new but a great resource. A website such as Live Your Dream. Org, is a great idea - Live Your Dream is a non profit that has a mission to match young girls and women to mentors to reach her full potential. In other words they want you to "Slay Those Dreams" and be amazing. 

In a future post we'll go over how to setup your mentee/mentorship relationship but for now, get going on using one of our tips to put a list of great mentors. 

Until next post, Stay #femalefueled!


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