My Heart is in My #sidehustlelove

In our last blog we saw how our #sidehustles can become our new BFF! But we have to be willing to do the work and focus on it. It’s not easy, but as they say, if it was easy everyone would do it. And we know that you are exceptional so……let’s get into how to make your #sidehustle your main chick!

Have you ever stumbled upon someone that has a skill or talent that they do only on weekends, weeknights or early mornings? They light up when they talk about their #sidehustle, so much so you wonder if they are whispering ‘sweet forget me nots” to it at night. Well if that’s you, listen up and prepare to save this post in your bookmarks, because after reading this you’re gonna want to go next level on your goals.

Identify the dream Ask yourself what’s the biggest dream you could imagine as a result from all the work you’ve done with your sidehustle. And if that dream looks like Gayles’ World and not Oprah’s…we need to talk. Love to both women of course, but we all know which one has that “B” right?! (‘B’illionaire, that is). Understand how large your dream can go – it should be outside your reach as in 2 – 3 levels outside where you think you should land. If you believe your dream is to own a car dealership, make it five delearships. If it’s to own a hardware company in Tokyo, make it Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka. Dreams should be something you want to keep running after so go as big and broad as you can. If it has a hint of ‘larger than life scope’ that stretches your risks aswell as sets you apart as a visionary vs. a goalsetter, you are on the right track. 

Vision Boards are Mandatory for anyone that is trying to reach the next level status. Take an afternoon to right down your top twenty symbols of success. That could be family, health, that new Louis Vuitton or travel for six months. Start to add a visual to your board until all of the spaces are filled in. It’s a visual reminder of the items that define what success means to you. And you can be as selfish as you want because its your definition #judgementfreezone

Milestones and Metrics should be simple. A wise mentor of mine once said,” you can’t change what you can’t measure.” In otherwords, you have to understand what represents a change in the right way as much as in the wrong way. That representation is your metric. The most important metrics for you this early into your sidehustle is a) how much money you make monthly from your sidehutle b) have you seen an increase or decrease in any weeks c) what activity or event caused those increases or decreases. It’s as simple as that for the first three months. If you are able to find a reason for how you made more money, commit yourself to re-creating those circumstances and track the next three months. The beginning is all about experimentation and research. Develop an understanding of your businesses money cycles is key. When you are ready to grow your knowledge of metrics – I’d recommend the book [insert book here] including website analytic tools. Work all of the free tools as much as possible

Discover New Streams of Income is the next step to learning if you can create a out of your sidehustle. One of the earliest new streams is the old idea of “each one, teach one”. Begin to shop for those that may want to learn your skill. And if you have two or more years of this expertise you can expect most will pay or barter to learn your skill. Oh and btw, EVERY skill or talent is welcomed. I know an Irish harpist that has now become one of the west coasts highly sought after teacher and performer, she is self taught and self-proclaimed but she is also in high demand…in 2018…#jawdroptruth. Teaching is also the next best way to improve your expertise because you don’t know how good you’ve learned a skill until you have to teach and train others how to use it. 

We'll continue to explore how to keep making your #sidehustlelove an asset so you can keep going after your dream!

#SHL Team 

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