Happy Spring Clean Up – Goal Getter Version...

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Spring is here!

I love Spring and I usually see this change of weather and season as a new leaf in life...of my goals, that is. Time for the spring cleaning of what goals that are not getting done, what's holding me back and throw out any that don't progress my annual plan. Adjusting my list of goals so that I stay on track to winning that December 31st Deadline. Now no one is perfect, and of course I have missed deadlines before, but what I have learned is that my quarterly check-ins are part of my success. It might sound a little over analytical and corporate but I live and die by the motto...If you can't measure it, you can't change it. Here is how I Do my Spring Clean Up – Goal Getter Version... 

First, I review the goals that I made at the beginning of the year and check if they are still aligned by my passions of pursuit. If I'm not driven by passion, it’s a miss. So that is always step one. Second, I should be 25% towards completion of my goal. If I am far from this goal then I have to not only redirect my energies but I also begin trimming time from activities that I love but are not progressing my goal, for me that equals Netflix and HBO. 

I then begin re-allocating my time, because in order to accomplish, the real sacrifice comes in. And as I like to say, get comfortable saying 'No' so that you can get closer to your 'Yes'. 

Third, I begin listing in my Journal from week to week what are my goals and crossing them off as I accomplish them. If by end of the month (April) I see that I have a larger list than when I started, I have the worst part of the spring cleaning – readjusting my goals. Fourth and final, my goals aren't perfect and at times they are going to need readjustment so that I can reach something attainable. Now this seems trivial and obvious but it's actually the most important part because I have to still stay in it and focus even if I've missed my mark. When we aim high on our goals and miss them, we should still celebrate and be grateful that we stepped out to be brave and try to attain something new.  

So Quick Clean Up Recap:

  1. Every 3 months review your goals
  2. If goals are off re-allocate time for the next month to bring you closer to accomplishing your target
  3. Track a weekly summary of the goals you accomplish in your journal
  4. Readjust longterm goals if your catch up month didn't bring you closer to your target

I use this same Clean Up Approach for financial goals, launching a project, increasing a skill or learning a new language. And the last is the most recent goal...guess who has to readjust their goals and cut out Netflix for a month. This GO GETTER!

We'd love to hear how you grow your goals - leave a comment below!

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