Somethin' Fierce Feature Spotlight : Dayo McIntosh Founder of Yateou

Introducing you to a beauty line that we are quickly falling in love with but even more the way it's created and the real beauty. Meet Dayo McIntosh founder of Yateou. Yateou, is a brand committed to empowering consumers by equipping them with CLEAN, TRANSPARENT and ETHICALLY-SOURCED resources so they intentionally and purposefully invest in their wellbeing. Yateou believes when people feel good they look good and when they look good, they feel good. This cycle sparks a positive influence which ultimately translates to every aspect of their lives.  

Now that would be enough for anyone to go grab some of this sweet smelling and 100% natural product line, but then you find out that operations are done through a robot named Ade, thats geek fabulous at its best! You can combine all passions and Dayo proves it. And we thought anyone who makes their message "everyone is valuable, everyone matters" in beauty, we knew you'd want to know who she is and get to know her a little more - checkout the interview below: 

PlumTwenty: How did you decide on beauty/your industry? 
Dayo: I like to think it chose me. Yateou was started out of my personal frustration with the lack of safe and inclusive products in the market. After going through a low point in my life, I decided I wanted to invest in my wellbeing and take better care of myself but I didn't necessarily find what I needed in the market so I decided to become what I needed. Tons of research and youtube videos later, I started mixing and matching ingredients in my kitchen to create haircare and skincare products; this self discovery journey was so therapeutic that I wanted to share with others on similar paths.

PlumTwenty: How did you pick your name? 
Dayo: Yateou means exceptional and is derived from the Yoruba tribe of Nigeria. I wanted a name that captures our mission of empowering consumers to embrace their authenticity and celebrate all the things that make them unique so they can live their best lives.

PlumTwenty: What was the first mistake you made in your business? 
Dayo: Trying to launch multiple products and business sales strategies at once - it was overwhelming and ultimately a really terrible plan.

PlumTwenty: How did you discover you had the risk tolerance to be an entrepreneur?
Dayo: Ask me again in 5years. Lol! It's honestly a rollercoaster, some days I feel I can take on the world and others I question why I started a business in the first place. I take it one day at a time.

PlumTwenty: What advice did you get as an entrepreneur that still rings true right now? 
Dayo: Start with something small, focus on executing that really well and grow from there

PlumTwenty: How has COVID impacted your business, either in manufacturing or community etc.? 
Dayo: We are so much more than your typical clean beauty brand; we've married the concept of robotics to create a brand that is fun, interactive and innovative. ADE, our patent pending essential oil robotic bartender is the first of it's kind for the beauty and wellness industry and prior to Covid lockdowns, we intended to "go-to market" by showcasing ADE at concerts, private events, farmers' markets, pop-up shops etc to build brand awareness. That setback altered the business plan; we officially launched with our ecommerce platform in April of 2020 while we try to promote and highlight ADE on our social pages. We are so excited to share ADE with the world!

PlumTwenty: "How did you come up with ADE and where would a young tech enthusiast learn to develop one? 
Dayo: From the moment I set out to create Yateou, I knew I wanted to do something different that would challenge the status quo and deliver real solutions to real problems. I am not an engineer or technologist by any stretch of the imagination, neither am I a beauty industry expert; what I am, is the poster child for the Elon Musk saying that "it is possible for ordinary people to choose to be extraordinary". Four years ago, I faced a lot of loss and heartache that forced me to start living out of my comfort zone. Prior to that, nothing about my life would have indicated that I would build "ADE"- the first robot of it's kind for the beauty and wellness industries. My new outlook on life propelled me to do something extraordinary.

When I am asked how I came up with the idea of Yateou - incorporating customized beauty and wellness with robotics, I usually point to my Gallup strengths results as the best explanation for the seemingly random concept. My top two strengths are individualization and futuristic - I am intrigued and value the unique qualities of a person and I am also a visionary, looking to bring creativity and innovation to everything. I started Yateou out of frustration with the lack of safe and inclusive personal care products in the market; so I decided to become what I needed. Tons of research later, I started mixing and matching ingredients in my kitchen to create products that catered to my unique hair and skin care needs and goals. This self-discovery journey was so restorative that I decided to share it with others on similar journeys. Yateou was born!

My entrepreneurial journey has not been easy, I've faced tons of setbacks but I truly believe that if you are passionate about something and want it badly enough, you'll find a way to make it happen. It begins with embracing who you are, identifying your strengths and then leveraging those strengths to get results. That, plus GRIT, supersedes any pedigree, in my book.

PlumTwenty: Which female founders inspire you most?
Dayo: Julia Collins and Sara Blakely. I love their characters and I think they are both remarkable in how they've built billion dollar businesses.

So final note - go think of ideas that will get you a billion, or atleast start dreaming of them now - we know you have it in you. 

You can checkout Yateou website and follow this fabulous beauty brand on Instagram. But really do yourself a favor and go grab the aromatherapy can be svelt like us and name it Shabam! How amazing that we get to name them! 

Happy Friday!  

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