Somethin' Fierce Feature Spotlight : Joanne Harris Founder of Crazzicute

Happy Friday P20 Fam! 

We are wrapping our special contribution for Black History Month with our final Somethin; Fierce Spotlight with CEO, Founder and Designer Joanne Harris of clothing brand Crazzicute.  

The idea for Crazzicute started back in the early 2000s, recalling my experience growing up in a family with four sisters and a brother. Comfort wasn’t easy to come by and it was a benefit you had to fight for in a large family. But when you figure out what you don’t want, dreams of what you do want to begin to emerge. Mine showed up with ideas to start my own business based on comfort, style, and with families in mind. 

Later in 2016, I began to apply my goal to bring comfortable, affordable, and stylish clothes for families.  When I had nieces and nephews, I remember their parents always cutting itchy and irritating tags from their clothes. The idea to create clothes for children that would not only eliminate those annoying tags but would also be as soft as possible, sustainable, chemical-free, and durable as possible became my mission. Luxurious Pima cotton was the only choice for me to achieve the results I wanted. 


PlumTwenty: How did you decide on your industry?
Joanne (Crazzicute): The concept of crazzicute has always been with me when i think of it. I grew up in a large family with 4 sisters and a brother so comfort was something you always had to fight. When the idea finally came to me, I wanted to create something that stood for comfort and by that time, i had lots of nieces and nephews so I chose to create with them in mind.

PlumTwenty: How did you pick your name?
Joanne (Crazzicute): I owe my brother for this - he always had this one expression “that’s wild crazy” so New York and it stuck with me so when it came time to select a name I went with crazzicute.

PlumTwenty: How much money did you start your company with?
Joanne (Crazzicute): I started my business while living paycheck to paycheck- so no money.

PlumTwenty: What was the first mistake you made in your business?
Joanne (Crazzicute): Buying products without customers

PlumTwenty: How did you discover you had the risk tolerance to be an entrepreneur?
Joanne (Crazzicute): When i knew i had to get rid of my merchandise. Nothing drives you like when you’re in the red.

PlumTwenty: What advice did you get as an entrepreneur that still rings true right now?
Joanne (Crazzicute): Learn all the systems - if your email media guy disappears you can pickup where he left off. 

PlumTwenty: Have you considered building a team? or do you have one now?
Joanne (Crazzicute): No team- I’m a 1 woman show 

PlumTwenty: How has COVID impacted your business, either in manufacturing or community etc.?
Joanne (Crazzicute): I took a break from my business due to unforeseen circumstances so when covid hit i was able to revitalize my business, learn new things about the industry etc. 

PlumTwenty: How can a strong sisterhood network support you? Or has one already and what can you share about that?
Joanne (Crazziecute): My dear friend who owns a successful modest wear brand has shown me so much love- no matter the question, the time she always takes time out of her schedule to point me in the right direction. 

PlumTwenty: Which female founders inspire you most?
Joanne (Crazzicute): Kim Shamsiddin @Alshamsapparel ...Sounds like we need to get Kim on a Something Fierce Spotlight in March, right?!

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You can follow @Crazzicute on Instagram where you'll get a chance to see new product lines, discounts and live sessions with the founder!  

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