Somethin' Fierce Spotlight : Kai Frazier, Founder of KaiXR

We honestly can't say enough about our first founder of Kai XR.

Kai is the creator and genius behind 
the most inclusive and accessible virtual reality platform where kids can Explore, Dream, and Create. On the platform, kids can explore VR field trips, plus, improve their tech skills by creating their very own VR adventures. Our educational resources offer educators, parents, & students an accessible path to become early adopters of mixed reality.

PlumTwenty recognizes brilliance in the house when it arrives and let me tell you - she has ARRIVED. Check out the feature below...

PlumTwenty: How did you decide on your industry?
Kai: I had zero interest in VR. However the effects of VR on kids were undeniable. As a teacher, I have never seen a more powerful teaching tool that got ALL kids excited about learning, empowered them to ask strong critical thinking questions, and they rushed to tell their parents about what they learned. In addition, it improved comprehension rates which is a teacher's dream. The more I looked into VR I saw that it could be done using smartphones making it accessible and affordable yet—I'd never heard anyone talk about it in the classroom.
While working at Museums I wanted to find a way to get my students in my previous school to our museums just 30 minutes down the street. When I saw cost was a barrier, I turned to VR to bridge the gap...and thus began my interest in making opportunities accessible by using VR.

PlumTwenty: How did you pick your name?
Kai: I had zero intention to start a company. I picked the name Curated x Kai because my goal was to have a website where museum visitors & students could visit to learn more about diverse exhibitions in the Washington, D.C Area. "Curated By Kai" was already taken on social media so I settled with "x" representing by. I put myself in the website name because I wanted people to know I was a Black woman so students felt like they belonged in museums through my example. Within a month it was clear that there were more barriers that had to be radically addressed and my company transformed into a VR company and the name Curated x Kai no longer fit—but I still forced it for a year, lol. We rebranded in 2020 as Kai XR so our company could evolve with all things mixed reality.

Original Website for Curated x Kai 

How much money did you start your company with?
Kai: Zero dollars and zero cents. 
So I had to make sacrifices. I sold my house, car, and just about everything I owned to create my runway.
IG Post - All that I carried with me when I started, a cardboard headset, a bin of clothes and my laptop.

PlumTwenty: What was the first mistake you made in your business?
Kai: SOOOO MANY MISTAKES. First big one was forming as an LLC—it wasn't the right structure for what I would eventually have to do—raise money. I'd never heard of venture capital or a Delaware C-corp when I first started.
PlumTwenty: How did you discover you had the risk tolerance to be an entrepreneur?
Kai: That's a really good question. Do you mean when did I first notice I was crazy? Lol
I quickly noticed that everyone had big dreams but were afraid to start because their biggest fear was losing everything, or things not working out or being judged.

Since I was homeless when I was in high school and knew what it felt like to lose everything - it made me a stronger person. It saved me. It was a blessing. I learned much young. So I quickly noticed I didn't have that common fear losing everything because I was a living example that losing everything wasn't the end of the world. This is why it was easy for me to liquidate all my assets to start my company.

Being homeless also means that I was judged much when I was younger and things rarely worked out... so those things didn't scare me either. Regardless of what's gonna be an adventure and I'm going to learn some amazing things.

I never had any interest in being an entrepreneur but I quickly noticed I was different than most people because my risk tolerance has been out of whack since 16, lol.


What advice did you get as an entrepreneur that still rings true right now?
Kai: Since I started a new life in the Bay, many people aren't familiar with my old life in museums.

I had the pleasure of producing stories for eyewitnesses to History. They told me story after story of risking everything for the greater good and dreaming not only themselves but for their community and future generations. They showed me by example being selfless and pushing through fear. I would've never started my company if it wasn't for my time at museums. Each eyewitness to history blessed me with new perspective that gave me the courage needed to be an entrepreneur.

Ok ya'll listen up now because Kai gave us not one piece but four pieces of advice that are legendary.....

Civil Rights Icon John Lewis taught me the importance of making good trouble for our beloved community.

Syrian Survivors Omar & Quraiba taught me that even when the world is burning around you, you can still create for your community to help society.

The most inspiring woman I met was a Holocaust survivor Margit who told me to not be afraid and take BIG risks, if not, what was the point of life?

And Clemantine & Claire told me a story that as they passed through 9 countries as a refugee after the Rwandan Genocide that her only prayer was for a single seed. With a seed, Claire could grow food, make a market, barter and provide for her family. It wasn't about what I had to start a company, it was about my determination, everything else would come if I believed and worked hard.

Feels like we just had a moment, right?! The wisdom, the perseverance, the breakthroughs  - collectively we say YES! Now go be great but before you do, head over to KaiXR and checkout the site and treat yourself or a budding new female founder to a treat from the KaiXR Shop! 

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Thanks for sharing your story Kai - keep going, just let us know when the official take over begins!

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