Building a Business Takes Practice and Hack

We've all heard the saying - "practice makes perfect". And this goes in business and entrepreneurship as well. We have several examples let's take Megan Markle who at an early age wrote about the limitation of female roles in the home to now fighting for women's rights on her current platform on supporting women. We also can point back to Oprah's early steps, as a young 'great orator' winning competitions before she became the 'queen of talk' not too mention a behemoth of influence, actress, humanitarian, billionaire etc. 

Practice makes perfect has been proven since the beginning of time and is the one phrase that reminds us that you are never too young, too old, too uneducated or too poor to create a new skill or passion. And it’s definitely in my top five life mantras. The practice of getting to a goal means you have to embrace the repetition of losing, failing, winning, failing again and edging to the final goal - and we at Plum2.0 love to do this with our tribes of support. 

But in my opinion there is one blocker to keep us from nailing our goals the first time we try it, even if we practice, a scientific law called the Law of Accommodation, which essentially means if you keep repeating the same step eventually you will decrease your growth over time. So where do we win you may ask? It's when we break aka hack the repetitive cycle and enter in a new approach that you never tried before. This new approach will give yourself a new challenge so that your growth doesn't decrease, and a new skill can be strengthened. And then begin repeating this new opportunity to solve a new challenge. Eventually you will see a change in the right direction. Here are the four strategies of Practice and hack that made a difference in my business and entrepreneurial journey.
Consistency Wins Over Talent - Practice consistently is hands down the most important tool in being a better entrepreneur. You need to slay the discipline that is required to build your dedication muscle. So, in short, don't give up, even if you have burned through your business five times before, it’s that sixth time that you apply a new technique that can be all the difference. 

Fall in Love w/Your Journey's Practice - Accept Your Path because it’s a unique direction that makes you great for your final goal. In other words, if it takes you four years of practice to get to a $50,000 revenue/month profit but another person two year, don't #sideeye their accomplishment. Take the high road and kindly ask what they did to win that goal. In the community of entrepreneurship its welcoming and supportive. Competition is always present but so is collaboration. 

Write it ALL down - This strategy might surprise you because it feels very obvious. but writing your progress down and tracking it allows you to follow your progress. You will learn more from reviewing your mistakes but if you don't remember how you overcame, chances are you will repeat it. Or in other words unnecessary practice will be inevitable! I worked recently with a business where they wouldn't write down their strategy, goals and milestones. After three months of consulting, we review their records to find out that they had accomplished their goal two months prior but since they stopped tracking, they kept using the same strategies to get a goal they already made. This resulted in wasting time and exhausting the team's energy - so take it from me and WRITE it ALL down - maybe even in one of our journals! 

Goalset - Practice - Hack - Repeat - When I want to learn a new skill or accomplish a new goal, I write down a minimum of 3 goals and give a date of six months as a deadline to accomplish them. After practicing building the goals, I usually accomplish it within a month to my goal. Then I challenge that goal by introducing a new hypothesis or question for example, if my goal was to build my email list by 100, I utilized email marketing, target marketing and influencer targeting to increase it. After I meet the goal of 100, I then flip the goal on its head and say, now I want to increase by 200 but without a budget and within a specific market like 'entrepreneur athletes'. Setting these new parameters challenges me to approach the list in a new way. Since I removed my budget, I had to utilize free resources and my network much more. And a funny thing happened, not only did I accomplish the goal, but I built my network by 25%. Since I needed to save money, I had to speak to more customers, clients and collaborators which forced me to nurture more conversations and further relationships. It was a beautiful win win! 

Tell us how you use this strategy or other strategies in building your goals!

Stay #femalefueled 




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