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Here in the United States, we have been in a time of great reflection, self education and shattering awareness of what it means to standup to racial injustices. Can we take a collective Hive Five for this moment. Because its a moment that has been needed to acknowledge for a while. Its with heartbreak it has come at the lives of those in the Black community. And although tough - it is long over due. And although painful - we have to learn how to confront the truths. 
While the PlumTwenty brand has been rooted within inclusion and calling lack of representation out since our launch in 2015, we have learned a thing or two about what it takes to raise a mini mogul that can standup for what they believe in. And it takes continued support to teach them to be unapologetic.Now first allow us define what we mean by unapologetic for those of us new to this type of use of the word. 

Unapologetic : not acknowledging or expressing regret.
How do you make sure you are creating an amazing home to nurture this rebel spirit - here they are: 

As you raise a young person to be ambitions, humble as they raise their voice and compassionate to the needs of their community, they can all do this while balancing what it means to live in a way that is unapologetic. 

At first blush and often first introduction of this word, you may pause at the thought of this word and even debate why I should, dare I say, would encourage any young person to be unapologetic. We have all been encouraged to "say sorry" and learn how to apologize when you have wronged someone. And to those situations we agree. Unapologetic living and existence is a stance of being and existing as you are without shame. It also means living without compromise or considering stereotypes and norms that are dangerous to self identity. It's a promise to yourself to be true to who you are despite any hurtful contradictory beliefs others may try to force upon you. And to fight for the space to be unapologetic.

This unapologetic rebel spirit, can be learned, infact it can also be practiced.
Here are some ways to help develop these qualities... 

Use apologetic language. We often say sorry for things we have no control of, no responsibility to, out of a desire to appear nice or likeable. But saying sorry and apologetical language isn't helpful in moments where one needs to standup for their rights or beliefs. We need to make sure that 

Bring on the imagery. Bold and encouraging imagery is making sure your budding rebel sees images that don't make them small. Images that reinforce the character they hope to build into - this could be in movies, storybooks, comics, games - you name it. But seeing themselves in positive images that celebrate who they are is part of the fun.

Reward strong behavior. This is probably the key of building a great rebel unapologetic spirit for becoming a great ally. When you have the opportunity to listen to their why and give them words of affirmation to keep them motivated to fight for their beliefs of their community, they know that they have your support. They know when it gets rough, they have your back. And this is a safe way of ensuring you will go along for the journey with them so when they do need you, you'll be right there. 

Talk it Out. When you have a conversation on standing up for what's right, there are moments in which it is not part of the rules. Because some rules are meant to be re created and re designed. And if you agree with why your budding rebel spirit is then talk them through a plan to get the result they want. It's important that they understand the difference between "wrong vs. what needs to be challenged". If we didn't address that question, many of us would not have the rights of voting and existing the way we want to live out our dreams. 

Most importantly - help them organize. Organizing change is the only way they may receive their result while motivating others to think differently with them. This takes planning, partnering with local leaders and learning how to collaborate for the greater goal. These are all qualities that will do well for future female founders also. 

We'd love to know what you think of our list and how you plan on building that rebel spirit for good in you future female founder! Let us know. 

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