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Plum2.0 Collection
This collection was our first focus of our brand. It is a collection that displays what we stand for since launching this company 2015. We've been in the space of entrepreneurship celebrating culture and representation of an inclusive group for girls and young women aka our #risinggirls. But it wasn't until 2019 that we launched our complete guidebook that brought our total vision to life. The Girls Guidebook to Entrepreneurship is a tool, workbook and journal - 3 in 1 must have item for all girls that have a hobby or passion. 

Current Products in Plum2.0 Collection 
The Book - A Girl's Guidebook to Entrepreneurship 
The book is filled with 10 chapters that walk you through bringing your idea within your authentic vision and launching it into a product or company within three months. Including product launch list, best practices, glossary, inspirational quotes, templates and much much more. 100+ pages of learning and building excitement and momentum. 

Plum2.0 Character Stickers
Who doesn't love stickers? There was no research done on this product - we loved the crew of Plum2.0 so much that we knew we wanted physical stickers of them. These characters complete the representation and voice of our brand and they are beyond adorable, first created in 2015!

In our apparel section, you'll find some tees and sweatshirts. One of the most popular item is the Elbie sweatshirt. This product was made from one of the most comfy materials you will find. At headquarters, our team loves to wear these as they code, market and build the brand late into the night. 

Products to Come...
At the end of summer 20' we will be launching a new line of products to help continue the journey of young female entrepreneurs, guide them, celebrate them and grow their ideas. 

Remember to share feedback with us of what you think about the collection @innov8@plum.com. 

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Stay Female Fueled
- Plum2.0 Team 

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