What's In The Collection - #sidehustlelove Collection

Hello Tribe,

Let's chat about one of our current collections - The #sidehustlelove Collection 

Our #Sidehustlelove brand is for the female founder that builds her dream around the clock and outside normal work hours. More than ever we are seeing girls and young women leap into faith and join so many of us shaping our idea into a vision. We've seen courageous dreams at every generation and every age. 

What's in the current collection...

Tees - branded with our #sidehustlelove tshirt, this is a supersoft Anvil scoop neck heather grey tshirt. This tshirt is perfect to bossup with a leather jacket and your favorite slay the street pants or a cute mini skirt and attend a casual meeting with your team.

Journals - branded with the #sidehustlelove journal, this journal has 80 lined pages of pale yellow paper with two popular color choices including plum and turquoise. We made sure that this journal is the right size that can fit in a bag and even a small purse to jot down those brilliant ideas, tips and notes that you breathe daily. 

What's in the future collections...

As we like to say, the future is female and we plan on making it known through our products. We are working on a few great items so stay tuned. Or better yet, let us know what you would want to see. 

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