Why Allyship for Female Founders

Building a company is so exhilarating and fun. It's also a great way to change the world and make money if thats your goal - and it is! Especially in the times of COVID... When building a new opportunity for wealth, we have an opportunity to bring diverse communities with us that have been historically left out of wealth making systems and build an ecosystem that reflects the world we seek to build and transform it. 

But you have to be intentional and understand a little bit of the history in order to be able to develop your products that welcome the wideset of customer base you hope to aim for even in a niche space. Niche doesn't mean you can't diversify and this book will show you how to look at it in a new way. 

Another great tool is a relevant vocabulary that you will have access to familiarize yourself with the words and references you'll be using as a pro by the time you are finished with this book!

Some of our readers have asked us, why would we write a book around the idea of allyship? 

Building a strong business depends on a foundation that can change the lives of your customer or community in the most transformative and innovative way. And this requires you to learn about your market - building a community of inclusion is how you will get there.

This book is gonna take you though several exercises to build your ability to recognize opportunities that can bring broader communities with you in addition to building products that are more inclusive. 

Let's keep building this journey together! 

Book Includes: 

  • 10 Lessons
  • 10 Exercises 
  • List of Diverse Communities and Organization 
  • Examples of Inclusive Product Design and much more 

Book Drops in October!

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