Why Did We Make The Book? How Else Can We Inspire More Female Founders ….

Our book’s mission?
The guidebook launched has been a huge hit with young women and women alike that have wanted to step into the entrepreneur space but not quite ready. It’s a guide that is focused on removing all of the technical and detailed so that anyone, literally, can jump right in and fulfill their dreams. Its written in quick form so that you are more encouraged to utilize your time doing instead of reading. Our mission is to get more women of color and women allies building their own companies and launching their wildest dreams.

Our founder, had one goal with our guidebook – spark a new muscle!:
It seems that we turn to sports, beauty and culinary when exploring fun ways to build our talents but I felt that there was a muscle that we aren’t building enough in young women and women atlarge – the muscle of creating a business.

By writing this book, I hope to spark a new activity to inspire more female founders to start building that muscle. You can use this book and collaborate with five of your best friends, work with your siblings on an idea, work with your parents on an idea, work at the senior home with an idea. It literally was meant for any female If you have thought about starting your own company, but felt it was too intimidating. 
We gain experience by practicing and this is a great tool to do it with.

Who our book is for?
Our book is for anyone female that wants to step into entrepreneurship with a new idea, new passion or mission and build it into a business. It’s also for those tribe members that knows of someone who wants to start a new project and need a tool to encourage them to get to their next goal.

It can seem scary to step into a new venture and this books takes the most basic fear and translates it into action with a focus on inclusivity and building female tribes to collaborate.

What will you accomplish with our book?
In 10 Chapters, you will go from first creating an idea to developing action plan around bringing it to life. We suggest completing this book over a three month timeframe. Why? Because we like a lean approach to building business, the idea that you should put something into the world and change it over time within the means that you have. The most important asset you have as a first time founder is your time. Going fast removes our hesitation to enter into new adventures, so its important to add a timeline of 3 months. 

We don’t believe you need to be a millionaire to build something but it must solve a problem, be authentic and add great value that brings joy to your customers. 

Continuing to iterate on our ideas and the book?
The book will come back for an updated edition in March 2020 with new features, more templates and more inspirational quotes from female founders who have been there. But this book will always aim to be less than 125pages so that it doesn’t overwhelm our future founders first steps. We know that as you grow in your career you can handle any size book, but why waste the time when you should be spending it on your idea!

We also hope to keep the journal in the book so that you will capture your goals and ideas in realtime and in one location.

And most importantly we’ll continue to get feedback from our emerging female founders to use the book so that we can always create the best guidebook possible.

Now that you know a little more about how we got here – go check it out!

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