Why Entrepreneurship for Tweens and Teens?

How Old Were You When....

Where were you when you first heard the word entrepreneur? Do you remember the first time you heard about it? I do, I was about seven years old and the first entrepreneur I learned about was Madame CJ Walker and the first time I learned about how to become an entrepreneur was not until 28. So maybe you've seen Netflix: Self Made story about her and it was a great dramatic story, almost too dramatic because if you do the research it wasn't exactly like that. But in this blog I am focusing on why not who...let's continue.

Twenty eight years old is an age where most are into their careers working the corporate later, just finishing school or enjoying their trade that has taken them on another path. But I wondered how come there were so few young female founders when you could find several male. And one of the conclusions I found was most of the entrepreneurship after school programs are filled with boys and marketed to boys. And this is true for most cases despite the neighborhood you are in. This place is meant for the girls and young adults that identify they want to learn more about building a business. Now because we believe in the power of women, we know there are tons of spaces that have female founders but this space is built to be authentic, cultural representative and rooted in allyship! 

But what about Girl Scouts and similar programs...

Well, we were all Girl Scouts and Brownies and we can't deny the unwavering amazing love that the Girl Scouts bring. In fact 80% of female entrepreneurs were Girl Scouts in their past. That is a crazy impactful number and we are so grateful to the work they do. We believe in a world where we both live and our mission is to make that world glittering with the boss that is you with a complete focus of increasing your skillset. It is our hope that by starting at the age of 13 and focusing through 18 we will build a generation that is ready to build their own business befoe they get to college. And possibly, pay for it or even give an opportunity to decide should they go?

Listen, we love education but our education system isn't giving us all the skillset that we need so we are gonna make sure we start providing it. And since we thrive and love technology, you'll see alot of it here.

What we aim to be on this site...

We aim to be the "go to site for all things entrepreneur for #risinggirls". A #risinggirl, are girls and young women that are progressive thinkers to build their own dreams, take risks and build with an inclusive way. We know that there are not enough resources that help girls like you and me along the way. So we are building them for you to help reach into the unknown and make it less dark during your journey. We're the mentor you never knew you needed - and we're ecstatic to be here.

On this site you will find, exercises, templates, opportunities of mentorship and the best ideas on what opportunities are out there right now to learn and develop as a growing entrepreneur. We'll do our best to make our resources shareable so that you can use them immediately. But do us a favor and share the word and the love. This is a community for brilliant women of color and their allies - unapologetically! 

We are so geeked up on developing our collections, learn why we designed them:
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