A Guide To Money, Community and Me

We are proud of the next book in the Female Founder Series - A Guide To Money, Community and Me.

Lets take your ideas to the next level and let’s talk money.

The Female Founder book series has tackled Entrepreneurship, Allyship and now we want to take on how you see value in our new book Money, Community and Me. We are going to jump in head on and unpack how we look at and build wealth. Starting early to understand your value and role in how you build wealth, learning how money works and how it impacts your community is what this book is all about including banks, stocks, fundraising, cryptocurrency and more.

This book is designed to go from a beginner moneymaker to money growth mindset champion in 3 months. We’ll use exercises, resources and learn from your community. We don’t want to just save money we want to grow it.

YOU are never too young to become an expert on money and you will be brilliant! This book is perfect for middle school to high school level.

Books will be in hardbook and paperback and ready to order beginning August 1st.