Meet Asha - She helps the crew create ideas and grow them with great budgets. She is the queen bee of gaming in the Plum2.0 Crew. Asha creates the most outlandish projects. You might think, these projects represent her lack of communication but they are full of creativity and vibrant. Asha is socially awkward and likes to tell jokes that no other human being really gets except for her crew of course.  She is soft spoken but powerful with language. Asha helps build ideas that need computing and keeps the crew inline with their budgets for new projects.
Personality Secret Power: Bold and refreshingly skeptical

Best Accessory: With her yellow cap, its her favorite piece of clothing to wear when she codes. 

Secret Crew Superpower: Quick Manual Calculations

Favorite Game: All things Robin Hunicke and The Last of Us

Inclusion Commitment: To always bring accessibility of information and resources to all communities. 
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Light up whenever speaking code, aviation or efficiency. If you always have a new gadget in your pocket and open to adopting the latest tech - you might be inspired by Asha!

Asha is one member of the five member group - Plum2.0. They are the build-hers that help our community to share, encourage and progress all things entrepreneurship - join us. Learn about the other Plum2.0 Members including Elbie, Atsuko, Benz and IM!