Meet Atsuko - Atsuko has one of the best personalities that you'll find around because she is the member that keeps groovin' and movin' no matter how much one might be frustrated or in a bad mood. She keeps herself focused on building creatively and reminds the group to continue building on their ideas through new paths and unique exercises. Atsuko like to believe everyone has the potential to create ideas that can change the world. 

Personality Secret Power: Atsuko's personality secret is being relentless to keep pushing because she knows that creating is the one thing that is infinite in our power. 

Best Accessory: Her backpack - so that she can bring along all of her gaming devices and skateboard accessories. 

Secret Crew Superpower: Atsuko is able to bring out the most creative side of anyone she encounters. When the group feels like they have collectively hit a wall - Atsuko is the one to help them unlock their new ideas and potential. 

Favorite Game: Minecraft - because she loves creating worlds with others. 

Inclusion Commitment: To build a creative world that represents all voices

Do you geek like Atsuko? If you do, you also might: 
Love to enter any new conversation as a fly on the wall until you have something creative to say. You love to dress in bright colors and appreciate all things museum, paints and drawing. 

When you get down, you find yourself immersed in a new art technique like graffiti for hours on end to help take your mind away and re build your self confidence and strength. 

Atsuko is one member of the five member group - Plum2.0. They are the build-hers that help our community to share, encourage and progress all things entrepreneurship - join us. Learn about the other Plum2.0 Members including Elbie, Asha, Benz and IM!