Meet BENZ  Elizabeth Benson or "Benz" here! Benz got her nickname from the crew after they noticed her appreciation for luxury tech. Benz manages the groups blog and social media profiles because she exudes so much energy and support she knows how to shine a light on the other crew members. When they feel discouraged she is the one to change the energy with a party like personality!
Benz reacts to all news with more news. She overshares and under listens. She is talkative, bursting with additional information and is the friendliest of the girls. Benz can make the most friends in and out of her circle.

Personality Secret Power: Undying excitement

Best Accessory: Ankle mood indicator and she is an avid believer that the best fashion accessories are your brainteasers. 

Secret Crew Superpower: The ability to lead the group in re energizing when they feel their lowest. She is the quintessential cheerleader, supporter and encourager. 

Favorite Game:  Just Dance - The entire franchise!

Inclusion Commitment: To remain an ally to all females in tech and spotlight those that receive less shine. 

Do you geek like Benz? If you do, you also might: 
Like talking about all things tech, techwear and spreading the latest innovations to the world. You might find yourself talking more than doing when you are trying to build a plan.

Can at times be a social butterfly and enjoy meeting every female in tech to learn their story. 
Benz is one member of the five member group - Plum2.0. They are the build-hers that help our community to share, encourage and progress all things entrepreneurship - join us. Learn about the other Plum2.0 Members including Elbie, Asha, Atsuko and IM!
Benz Character pic