Meet ELBIE - She is the leader of the group and thinking like an entrepreneur is in her DNA. she is crafty and holds a wildly inventive attitude at all times. Its because of her overly-predictive nature that she is able to think of great solutions to many tech and science challenges. She is a bright thinker but often is overwhelmed by her own smarts and is highly competitive in nature. She is able to cast an absolutely unobstructed view of what she wants to accomplish with background music. Elbie's character keeps the girls in sync and eventually finds her strength by helping them find solutions to their challenges.

Personality Secret Power:  Elbie is a visionary and if given the opportunity can turn anyone into a believer of her great ideas. She is the engine that keeps the girls pursuing greatness. 

Best Accessory: By far her, converse, because every entrepreneur needs a great hood to rest 

Secret Crew Superpower:  Elbie knows how to pickup trends and patterns before the masses.

Favorite Game:  Monopoly because well... she likes to dominate. 

Inclusion Commitment: Ensure females of color receive support and help build an army of allies to collaborate with. 

Do you geek like Elbie? If you do, you also might: 
Enjoy building a tribe that you believe in, rely on and share your biggest dreams with. You are bold in who you are and share your knowledge with anyone who will listen.

Most importantly, if you are anything like our leader Elbie, you are a constant challenger to the status quo and seek to enhance the world with more inclusive representation. You attempt to get the best out of everyone. 

Elbie is one member of the five member group - Plum2.0. They are the build-hers that help our community to share, encourage and progress all things entrepreneurship - join us. Learn about the other Plum2.0 Members including Atsuko, Asha, Benz and I.M.!