Meet I.M.Like the rise of the phoenix and rejuvenation of the city, Medellin Isabel is a forward thinking risk taking girl who only lives to make sure others can for a hundred years from now. She believes firmly this follows in the footsteps of her ancestors to protect and appreciate the earth. She loves the outdoors and advocates for green rights. Due to her high allergic response to mostly anything non organic she often has to build bridges around daily obstacles. She is a perfectionist and a clean freak as a result.  All of her clothes are hand made by herself.

Personality Secret Power:  Patience and kindness and is never rude or longwinded because frankly those are unnecessary resources and shouldn't be recycled.

Best Accessory: Her solar powered nap-sack to carry all of her journals, pens and walking essentials. 

Secret Crew Superpower: Keeping the group mission minded through cause, commitment and carbon footprint. 

Favorite Game:  Holding donation contest monthly to ensure she impacts her community. 

Inclusion Commitment: To remain supportive as an activist through volunteerism and community. 

Do you geek like I.M.? If you do, you also might: 
Like to create programs and projects that make sure our earth is safe and our carbon footprint is less each day. You might have started your neighborhood recycle morning paper drive at a very young age.

She has a personal mission to get atleast half of the buildings in her city LEED approved. and just last week she opened up a community garden which is often used as the girls headquarters.  

I.M. is one member of the five member group - Plum2.0. They are the build-hers that help our community to share, encourage and progress all things entrepreneurship - join us. Learn about the other Plum2.0 Members including Elbie, Asha, Benz and Atsuko!