Our Founder Story


My Founder story starts a little over a decade ago.  In 2008, after a career in professional modern and hip hop dance, I began to get passionate about tech. For me, I saw technology as a great equalizer when you get access. I decided to focus all my efforts on a career of innovation and technology. I decided to launch my own online spa website. So I decided to take coding classes in New York City in the evenings to build it. I started with CSS and C+ and began to build the site of my dreams.  It was one of the best times that I enjoyed learning, building and experimenting. I chose a female based program that brought brilliant female engineers together to teach. 

After about a month, I began to look around the room after my third class and noticed that the room wasn't too diverse. I was one of two only black girls in the room. And although, I loved enjoying a diverse room of all colors, there wasn't enough representation of me - so I decided to bring a little more representation to encourage more women to build things. 

Plum2.0 was launched with one mission in mind to create an inclusive brand that encourages rising girls to build companies from their brilliance. I want to see a world in which practicing launching an idea is as common as any other young adult activity. If we fulfill our dream, we'll see an increase of businesses and business skills being developed by young girls of color all over, in fact, globally. Black women are the fastest growing group of entrepreneurs but we need a space to feel represented and we bring our diverse tribe with us to share our unapologetic and ambitious spirit. 

I hope you will share with us your passions of building companies and share our story with more rising girls builders! 

Welcome to the Tribe!