PlumTwenty and The Buildhers

PlumTwenty was created out of love for collaboration, support and a desire to build the things you love as an entrepreneur with an inclusive tribe. Entrepreneurs are "buildhers", women that want to add value and impact to the world around them in an innovative way. But creating from scratch isn't easy alone, so the PlumTwenty crew was created to help encourage and inspire. These sweet little characters embody the five themes every "buildher" will learn and master on their journey - leadership, ownership, creativity, innovation and community. 

Buildhers are made, you may be born with talent, but it takes handwork, passion and grind to really take your idea from beginning to launch. Our fab five that make up the PlumTwenty Crew aka 'The Buildhers' - Elbie, Asha, Atsuko, Benz and I.M., will help guide you on your journey as a new buildher. They'll share resources, tips, tricks, giveaways and featured spotlights for the female entrepreneur. If you are still thinking about that big idea and not quite ready to jump in with your feet first, we will have something for you also to get you started. 

This website is anyone in the stage of thinking about launching their big idea, to learning how to enter into the world of entrepreneurship and making sure there are amazing tools and inspiration to keep you going. We hope to remove the fear you may have around failing. You can start at any age to build and launch an idea!

Let us know if you enjoy the site or if there is a way, we can make this website more helpful to guide you on your journey! 

You can learn more about them here and how to:
be a leader like Elbie
be a builder like Asha
be an activist like I.M.
be a creative like Atsuko
be a social genius Benz 

If you are interested in becoming a PlumPartner - come join us!

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