Plum2.0 Media Kit

Plum2.0 Media Kit

Company Facts:
Company launched in 2015, with the introduction of the Plum2.0 Characters to help more diverse girls and young women build companies, create innovation and aspire to STEAM careers. We focus on girls from 10 - 14 and 15 - 19. 

Company Mission:
The mission of Plum2.0 is to create an inclusive brand that encourages rising girls to build companies from their brilliance. Further a world in which practicing launching an idea with tools, innovation and inclusion is as common as any other young adult activity.

It's our hope that if we fulfill our dream, we'll see an increase of businesses and business skills being developed by young girls of color all over, in fact, globally. It is our honor to provide a necessary space that represents and brings a diverse tribe together and give them the tools to build with an unapologetically ambitious spirit. 

*Please email for large resolution Plum2.0 crew characters

Founder Pic
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Elbie Character 
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Plum2.0 Large Logo Black
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Founder Story
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Girl's Guidebook Cover PDF
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Female Founder Product Pictures 
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