This week, we're looking at the words of MLK. Day 1

Its probably the most popular initials globally seen and revered in social justice. But instead of showing you all an empty quote the PlumTwenty team decided to commit to more bigger bolder purpose and vision in 2021 inspired by MLK. But we’ll share that at another time. We ask, for today in commemoration of MLK’s birthday, that you gift yourself an opportunity to read his iconic and relevant Letter from Birmingham Jail. And for some of you summary cliff notes

We implore you to join us and make three BOLD actions this year, unlike any year before to support social progress for black, brown and LGBQT communities.

Come back tomorrow for more of how we'll celebrate his impact!



Our favorite MLK moments....

Martin Luther King Jr. Speech Civil Disobedience and obeying Just vs. Unjust laws (Closed Captioned)

I have a dream speech